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New! Vigonez - Agent for removing mould

We all know the issue with rodents and insects when they enter our surroundings.
There are many factors coming into the efficiency of any agent, but mostly it all boils down to an effective attractant, strong effect, and a unique prescription.

Our ambition is to connect all the most vital characteristics. It is our great pleasure to present the series: VIGONEZ MARS against rodents, and VIGONEZ NEPTUNE against insects.
VIGONEZ VENUS series are state-of-the-art cleaning products, which through cutting-edge technology can cope even with the most stubborn dirt.

We offer only EU-tested products to our customers. Gradually we have extended our offer, paying attention for our products to remain high in quality and efficient.

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Adhesive garden sheets


Adhesive garden sheets protect trees against harmful insects, such as aphids, mealybugs, and miners. They also prove highly efficient in luring many other species of harmful insects. They are very easy to...

Flying insect control spray


The spray is designed for controlling flying insects (like flies, mosquitoes, black flies, moths, etc.), and their larvae in closed spaces and utility rooms. The product has an immediate and long-lasting residual...



VIGONEZ URAN ECO flypaper contains a strong adhesive resistant to long-term sunlight, wind, water, and precipitation. It is highly efficient in luring many other species of harmful insects, not only flies. Best use...

Mole gel


The newest and most efficient mole control method Can be used in most hard-to-get places Safe due to its natural ingredients Contains strong repellents Features: Vigonez Mars gel against moles is...

Spider and cobweb control spray


The spray agent is designed against spiders and their larvae, and protects the areas against cobwebs. It is a product unique to the market. Most people are tired more of cobwebs than the spiders themselves. This is...

Woodworm control spray


The product is an aerosol against woodworms and their larvae. It may be used on growing trees and wooden articles.  Its odourless formula is gentle to the surroundings. The product has a fast and...


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